Caladium care

How to take care of your Caladium. So you can enjoy this beautiful plant for as long as possible!

Some easy care tips

The Caladium likes to be indoors and requires a lot of indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight! And make sure that the soil does not dry out. Water the Caladium 1-2 times a week.

For the best indoor light a northern or eastern window is usually the best place. Because the Caladium tubers are native to South American tropical forests, they require a lot of humidity.


Caladiums going dormant

Caladiums are a subtropical – tropical perennials. In their native environment they are actively growing during the rainy season and dormant during the dry season.  From our experience they have a variety specific (genetic) growing period.  After a certain number, depending on variety, of growing days they go into a resting dormant period.  The variety specific growing period can be lengthened, with warm, moist and nutrient rich growing conditions or shortened by stress such as drought or cold.  After the variety specific growing period ends there is an obligatory rest period that cannot be avoided.  The period of rest, dormancy, again is variety specific and can be as little as 1 week to as much as 9 weeks depending on the variety.  Once the rest period is met, growth will resume provided good growing conditions are present.


Frequently Asked Questions about Caladium care

Yes, it is possible to place your Caladium outdoors. But, only in summertime (mid and south Europe). The Caladium cannot withstand low temperatures. Given the origin of the tubers, 15 degrees Celsius is a minimum. And keep the Caladium out of the sun! We do not advice to place the Caladium outside, but it is possible!

Remove any leftover (dead/brown) leaves and remove the roots with care. This is possible when te Caladium went to dormant. Let the tubers dry for a few days in a shady area. Place them in dry sphagnum moss to store. Keep them in a medium warm closed place (10 to 15 degrees) until it is time to replant.

Repotting the Caladium is certainly possible! Give the plant enough space, but not too much. Otherwise, the roots cannot absorb enough water. First cover the bottom with a layer of hydro granules and then fill the pot with potting soil. The potting soil you should use should be a rich, well-draining potting mix.

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